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We come together to inspire and support each other in pursuing a Thomas Jefferson-style education and in finding and living our missions.

Mission Statement:

Corvallis Leadership Commonwealth offers phase-appropriate classes rooted in the philosophy and principles outlined in A Thomas Jefferson Education*. We are a community that believes core values can be learned through work and play; strong character developed through challenge; and self-governance practiced through choice and accountability. We believe great mentoring occurs best when parents lead by example, inspiring the youth they mentor as they share their interests. Our community thrives on the active participation of all our members as we build friendships with one another and work together to create a supportive and inspirational learning environment for all.

*A Thomas Jefferson Education for the 21st Century by Oliver DeMille

Morning Pledge

We are Corvallis Leadership Commonwealth.  

  • we love learning

  • we build strong character and strong community

  • we practice self-governance

  • we are accountable to ourselves and others

  • we stand for freedom

Definition of a Commonwealth School

A group of sovereign families associated by their own choice and linked with common objectives and interests, a leadership education.

Our Board of Directors

We are served by the CLC Board of Directors which changes each year.


President:  Deon Merten                                         

​Vice-President:  Deanna Cormany                           

Principal Mentor:  Erin Dapp                            

Parent Representative:  Sarah Dye            

Secretary:  Lyndi Gray                                     

Treasurer:  Amie Mecham

Public Relations:  Dori Stark

Facilities Representative:  Diana Roe                        

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