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Juniors Program

Core Phase Class (ages 5-7)

Classes focus on having a fun learning environment while playing together with friends


Love of Learning (ages 8-10)

Classes are more focused on areas of interest of students and mentors, and giving kids breadth of knowledge in a fun, engaging environment.

Transition to Scholar:  Legends Alive! (ages 11-12)

Class description:


This class is a full year class.

Our goals for Transition Scholar class are:

* learn something new

* do something new

* eat something new

* read something new

Transition Scholar is just that, a transition. We know students are still love of learners but they are also ready to test out the scholar waters so to speak. This class will allow them to do just that! Throughout this class students will be listening to stories about heroes through the ages. Students will experience history through hands-on activities, games, crafts, movement, music and periodic culture. We invite students to immerse themselves in each time period and culture and "get to know" the heroes.  Students will have opportunities to share their interests within the time period, culture and around the hero through presentations, food, writing, and activities.


Scholar Life Skills (SLS): (Ages 12-13)

Class description:


A foundational skills class for transition scholars ages 12-13. This amazing class lays the groundwork
of the TJED philosophy of owning your own education and provides an opportunity to gain the skills, self
discipline, and confidence needed to be successful, not just through the rest of their high school classes, but in
life.  This is a fun, hands-on, engaging class that gets students excited about learning and developing life skills.
There are weekly and unit goals that encourage scholars to develop positive habits and experience the
benefits of those good habits. Habits such as time management, prioritization, consistency, and
accountability are gained in part through weekly parent mentor meetings & accountability reports each week
in class. At the end of each unit there is a party. Those that complete the requirements for certification,
including completing their Hero Training Mission, get to enjoy a ceremonial “placing of the stripes” on their
class headbands. It’s a ton of fun!


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