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Training for Mentoring Scholar Classes

Our mentors train for scholar classes with the Leadership Education Mentoring Institute. Classes are available each summer, typically in Washington State or Portland. Information and registration are available here:  Partial scholarships are available through CLC.


We try to host a guest speaker each year.

Mentor Meetings

We meet at 1:15pm with the Principle Mentor on occasion through out the school year to discuss mentor needs and to receive training. Schedule to be determined each year. 

Community Meetings

Our community meetings held Thursdays throughout the year often include a training component or a book discussion.

Thomas Jefferson Education

We recommend reading A Thomas Jefferson Education  by Oliver DeMille, A Leadership Education, The Phases of Learning by Oliver and Rachel DeMille, and Hero Education by Oliver DeMille. Also we encourage you to visit for books, audio materials, courses and conventions, and other resources offered by Thomas Jefferson Education. A general overview of Thomas Jefferson Education is available here 

Membership Training Tool

For this audio membership training tool please save the mp3 file to your computer before you begin. (right click on link to "save as")

Lending Library

Ask the board for suggestions on additional books and audios! We have a lending library.

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