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Scholar classes

Scholar classes are designed for ages 13+. We offer classes for practice, apprentice and self-directed scholars. With each phase students are developing skills and abilities which are independent from and ultimately of higher importance than the content of the class. Each phase builds on the previous phase. For further description of scholar ladders please see and for blogs on scholar ladders please see Kathy Mellor's five blogs

Please consider training to mentor a scholar class! We are always looking for new mentors.

Please look under the Schedule tab to see our current class offerings.

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PREREQUISITES: 13 Years and older
CONTENT: William Shakespeare and the Renaissance

Shakespeare is a Practice Scholar Project in the LEMI continuum. The objective of each Practice Scholar Project is to motivate the scholar to do the hard work of learning through: inspiring mentors, positive peer pressure, a culminating activity, outward motivations to choose (competitions and rewards), completing the project, and by planting seeds of determination to do hard work.

During the first semester, scholars become familiar with the challenging language of Shakespeare by studying a Shakespearean tragedy. The scholars will further be challenged to give an oral presentation on medieval life and history, watch or read at least 15 of Shakespeare’s plays, memorize a passage from a play, and participate in a Shakespeare Feast. The second semester focuses on actor training and implementing everything learned about language and human nature by preparing and performing in a Shakespeare comedy for performance in the spring. As all the hours of labor for the play are volunteer, families should be prepared to assist in some way to help make this a grand experience!


Key of Liberty

PREREQUISITES: 14 years and up
CONTENT: Colonial America and the Revolutionary War

Key of Liberty is a Practice Scholar Project in the LEMI continuum. As practice scholars begin their journey into the Revolutionary Era they take a look at what our lives would be like without freedom. They will delve into the lives of some of the founders and study original documents including the Mayflower Compact and The Declaration of Independence. In the second semester, scholars will do an in-depth document study of The Constitution of the United States of America.  As they re-write the document in their own words, they will gain understanding and a greater love and respect for our nation.  The culminating experience is a Constitution Bowl, where scholars compete in their knowledge of The Constitution. During this class, each scholar is challenged to earn awards by completing specific requirements.



​PREREQUISITES:  14 years and up
CONTENT: Mathematics and Habits of a Scientist

Pyramid project is a Transition to Apprentice Scholar Project on the LEMI Continuum. Scholars will learn how to think, not what to think. The four corners of the pyramid represent Logic and Reasoning, Truth, Habits of a Scientist, and Newtonian Mathematics. We are connecting mathematics and science to the world around them in a holistic way helping them to see their relevance. Developing the habit to log one’s study is emphasized as they learn to emulate Nathaniel Bowditch and his amazing self-education depicted in Carry on, Mr. Bowditch. We will learn how great scientists of all times learned to wonder, see patterns, and ask the right question. During the second semester, scholars will study the great philosophers of the past. They will delve into the sciences of Logic, Reasoning, Mathematics, and Geometry. Throughout the course there is a growth in the scholars’ ability to think logically and to measure things they encounter in the world against their core book (which may be scriptures or any other book that the scholar and their family uses as a foundation of truth). Scholars will read great classics, be introduced to many new ideas and views, develop the skill to test those ideas/views for truth, and develop the habits of a scientist.

Sword of Freedom


PREREQUISITES: 14 years and up

CONTENT: Civil War

Sword of Freedom is a semester-long, Transition-to-Apprentice Scholar Project on the LEMI continuum. This class studies the principles of freedom and the U.S. Constitution against the dramatic backdrop of the Civil War. It dares scholars to read challenging classics, to decide and discuss their opinions, to write a research paper about one of their heroes from the time period. We fight battles everyday, our principles and values are going to be tested. How and where do we find truth? Where we find truth determines on which side of the battle we find ourselves. Scholars will discover where their allegiance lies and explore ways it might be tested in the safe environments of simulations and discussions.

World War II

PREREQUISITES: 14 years and up


World War II is a a semester-long class.



PREREQUISITES: 12 years and up. May be adapted for juniors.
CONTENT: A study of the earth and the principles learned by people who work the land

This practice scholar class inspires students to reconnect to the earth and learn how to garden and live off the land. Think of Georgics as “civilization builders.” It teaches the basic and essential skills and principles that a healthy civilization is built upon: Stewardship, entrepreneurialism, faith, forgiveness, self-reliance, and community interdependence. There are more simulations, activities and field experience (literally), than any of the other projects. Students read several classics that take place in an agrarian setting so they see the value and growth that comes from hard work. Students will plan a georgic project which can be anything from planning and growing a garden to raising sheep or poultry.

“The goal of Georgics is to recognize that we are the garden, and through our labors, God is cultivating our souls. The true harvest of the soil, according to the ancient Greeks, was the soul of man. We are the greatest harvest the land will ever yield.”

~ Vernie DeMille 

Quest 1-2

PREREQUISITES: 16 years and up

CONTENT: Students will study in-depth, leadership characteristics of certain prominent leaders chosen by mentors, and chosen by students.  By studying the lives and events of these leaders, students will gain more knowledge of history, while learning certain characteristics that bring about effective leadership.  Students will then apply principles learned to their own lives as they focus on certain traits monthly: Virtue, Wisdom, Diplomacy, Courage, Inspiring Greatness in Others, and Moving the Cause of Liberty.  Through service projects, essays, and presentations, students will gain a greater knowledge on the value of living into these traits, and finding ways to influence others to live into these traits through writing and speaking. Blue book exams and oral exams will be administered to give students the ability to practice writing and speaking on the spot.  A final research paper will be written and a mock TEDx talk presented on a topic of choice to give students an opportunity to find their voice and influence others.  

​​​​Quest 3

PREREQUISITES: 16 years and up

Quest 3 offers a study of worldviews, principles of freedom, self-government, and jurisprudence (a study of the U.S. Supreme Court). Students will read classics such as The Five Thousand Year Leap by Cleon Skousen, Understanding The Times by David A. Noebel, and Great Decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court by Maureen Harrison and Steve Gilbert. Students will also engage in a Supreme Court simulation at the Benton County Courthouse.

Scholar Art


PREREQUISITIES: Age 13 and up, including adults

Scholar Art classes focus on a different type of art each semester. We are partnering with Maxtivity in Philomath to provide instruction and an art studio for our students. In 2020 we are offering printmaking. Students will explore different types of printing: screenprinting, linocut printing, and drypoint printing. Each printing method will be taught by a local teaching artist, and students will produce original works of art in each method. Students will learn the entire printing process from designing their concepts, learning about composition in printmaking, and printing on different materials.

In future semesters we could offer a scholar art class in drawing, fiber landscape painting, or other focus of interest to scholars. Let the board know your interests!




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